Cooking with Patria

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Wednesday Lady's Night - 3 courses with a complimentary glass of house wine  £21.95 per person

Special Treat - Traditional Thai Street Food Rice+ Curry or popular noodle dishes,

Serve Monday - Thursday £9.95  per dish



Main courses


Side dishes & Vegetarian dish

Steamed fried mixed vegetable in light soy sauce                                        £5.95

Traditional Thai spicy auberginein light soy sauce                                         £6.95

Steamed fried mushrooms and courgettes with Thai spices                       £6.95

Steamed fried Pak Choi with garlic and bean sauce                                     £6.95

Mushroom, beansprouts and cahew nuts with bean sauce                         £7.95

Tofu curry with selection of vegetables in green curry sauce                         £7.95

Tofu, mushrooms , courgettes with aromatic spices                                       £7.95