Simply Thai opened in 1998 in a “small café” in Hampton Wick, Middlesex, then relocated to the outskirts of Teddington, Middlesex in November 2004. At the new premises, Simply Thai was designed with a trendy, modern minimalist concept with an atmosphere of style, comfort and intimacy

Patria Weerapan, the founder, has devoted her passion of cooking at the resturant since its opening. Her style of cooking offers a captivating contrast of classic and contemporay, skilfuling balancing key flavours that are the heart of her cooking, and intriguing blend of old and new.

An intense devotion to her cooking enhancing the dining experience from start to finish. Beginning with her sumptuous soup, pungent spicy salad, tensely aromatic rich creamy curry and crunchy vegetables ending, with her haunting coconut crème brulee. The discerning dinner perceives the passion, love, heart and soul Patria infuses into her cooking.